• Brian Hickling

    Brian Hickling

    I believe in the power of creativity to change the world.

  • Lin Liu

    Lin Liu

    Dedicated to understanding peoples and cultures around the world, and aspiring to building common ground in an increasingly dissonant global scene

  • Manolo Romero

    Manolo Romero

    Spanish naval aviator, navigator and communicator. Here to serve by making your boat go faster. Self-development, leadership, communication, life, parenting.

  • IPG Media Lab

    IPG Media Lab

    Keeping brands ahead of the digital curve. An @IPGMediabrands company.

  • Adamu Idris

    Adamu Idris

    Allah first! But after that, Business, @iamadamuidris, A dude who loves The Hustle. CEO & President of 14NOOR & LARN EMPIRE, ValueXmedia, Inc. A Fan of @LFC

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