Our Futurecaster data proves that sustainability-minded audiences favor media innovation, and pinpoints the best ways to reach them

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In 2021, engaging with sustainability will be essential to all brands. A BCG survey found that not only has COVID globally heightened awareness of environmental and sustainable issues, but more than 75% of respondents consider environmental issues as equally concerning as, or more concerning than, health issues. The demand for sustainability is not going away, and brands can benefit greatly from making sustainability a core part of a brand’s offering, which research has shown to provide additional value, increase efficiency, attract talent, and address consumer demands. This is true across industries, from food, to apparel, to finance.

Not only are…

And How Media Can Emphasize Sustainability Initiatives

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Sustainability is quickly becoming table-stakes for most, if not all, consumer-facing companies. Since the UN Sustainability goals were announced in 2015, there has been an uptick in sustainability awareness on both a brand and consumer level. At the end of 2019, McKinsey put the value of sustainable investment at $30 trillion, a 68% increase since 2014. A new study by Coyote Logistics has found that 81% of companies are more focused on sustainability today than they were three years ago. From initiatives designed to increase recycling or upcycling, to becoming carbon-neutral, brands are pledging ongoing dedication to sustainability.

As we…

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